For all International and UK shows

  • Provide a clean changing room/area with adequate light, heat and power sockets.
  • Please provide a mirror.
  • Bottles of water on stage and off, and diet Coke/normal Coke.
  • If been travelling all day a meal provided.
  • Adequate staging, large enough to accomodate the show booked (ie. solo/dancers etc)
  • Quick changing area just off stage area for quick changes. If not a “stage” setup – a corridor, or hallway
  • Also provide a large fan for on stage (shows for this include, Rihanna tribute, Katy Perry Tribute, Shakira Tribute, Lady Gaga tribute)
  • For international shows all flights, accommodation, travel, food/drink must be paid for by the client. Low cost airlines acceptable under certain circumstances, but hold luggage allowance must be 20kg or more.
  • Flights booked from Birmingham airport, unless there are problems with getting particular times or dates.
  • Long distance travelling to Scotland, accommodation must be provided.